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The following definitions apply to the terms and conditions set out below that govern the contract of carriage and other services between you and us.

"we", "us”, “our" and AUSTRANS LOGISTICS means AUSTRANS LOGISTICS. and its group of companies ("AUSTRANS LOGISTICS") and Austrans Logistics’ employees, agents and independent contractors, "you" and "your" means the sender or consignor

"carriage" means and includes the whole of the operations and services undertaken by us in connection with the transportation of the shipment

"consignment note" means information provided by you in paper or electronic form concerning the shipment

"other services" means all services not being services for the carriage of shipments that are performed by us, including, but not limited to, storage, sorting, kitting, merging, packing, installation, value added- and transportation management services

"shipment" means goods or documents of whatever nature (whether in bulk or in one or more packages) which we have accepted for carriage from one address to another or regarding which we have accepted to perform other services, whether under our consignment note or not

"prohibited items" means any goods or materials the carriage of which is prohibited by any law, rule or regulation of any country in or over which the shipment travels

“Subcontractor” shall mean and include any person, firm or company (other than Austrans Logistics) by whom the Services or any part thereof are arranged, performed or undertaken.

Words importing the singular include the plural and vice versa and words importing any gender include all genders and words importing a person include firm, corporation or other entity where appropriate.

Not a Common Carrier

Austrans Logistics is not a common carrier and accepts no obligation as such. Services are arranged or performed by Austrans Logistics subject only to these conditions of contract which constitute the entire agreement between Austrans Logistics and the Customer. No person has the specialist of Austrans Logistics to forgo or differ these conditions and Austrans Logistics maintains whatever authority is needed to reject at its sole caution the carriage of the Merchandise for any client or some other Administration whether some time recently, amid or after the carriage or Administration has started and additionally claims all authority to open as well as investigate all Products at its carefulness and at the Client's expense


Subject to all terms , conditions and instructions contained in this agreement, When acting as an agent, Austrans Logistics acts solely on behalf of the Customer in engaging the services of third parties on the usual terms and conditions on which the third parties offer such services for the carriage, storage, packing or handling of any goods, or for any other service in relation to them, thereby establishing a direct contract between the Customer and the provider of such services capable of being enforced by the Customer as principal, whether or not the Customer is identified in the contract. Austrans Logistics shall on demand by the Customer provide evidence of any contracts made on its behalf.

Prevention of Suit - Circular Indemnity and Himalaya

The Client embraces that no claim or charge might be made against Austrans Logistics’ representatives, hirelings, specialists, Subcontractors (counting their workers and operators) or other individual who might be vicariously subject for the demonstrations or exclusions of such gatherings which forces or endeavors to force upon any such gathering any obligation at all regarding the Merchandise regardless of whether emerging out of carelessness with respect to such gathering. In the event that any such claim or affirmation should by and by be made, the Client will repay the Organization against all outcomes thereof. Without partiality to the prior, each such gathering might have the advantage of all arrangements in this profiting Austrans Logistics as though such arrangements were explicitly for its advantage, and in going into this agreement, Austrans Logistics, to the degree of these arrangements, does as such all alone benefit, as well as operator and trustee for such gatherings.


Please remember that any provider of goods or services is entitled to register with Austrans Logistics. Austrans Logistics does not examine whether the advertisers are good, reputable or quality sellers of goods / service providers. You must satisfy yourself about all relevant aspects prior to availing of the terms of service. Austrans Logistics has also not negotiated or discussed any terms of engagement with any of the advertisers. The same should be done by you. Purchasing of goods or availing of services from advertisers shall be at your own risk.

We do not investigate, represent or endorse the accuracy, legality, legitimacy, validity or reliability of any products, services, deals, coupons or other promotions or materials, including advice, ratings, and recommendations contained on, distributed through, or linked, downloaded or accessed from the Platforms.

References that we make to any names, marks, products or services of third parties or hypertext links to third party sites or information do not constitute or imply our endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation of the third party, of the quality of any product or service, advice, information or other materials displayed, purchased, or obtained by you as a result of an advertisement or any other information or offer in or in connection with the Platforms.

Any use of the Platforms, reliance upon any Materials, and any use of the Internet generally shall be at your sole risk. Austrans Logistics disclaims any and all responsibility or liability for the accuracy, content, completeness, legality, reliability, or operability or availability of information or material displayed in the search results in the Platforms.

The material and the platforms used to provide the material (INCLUDING THE WEBSITE ) are provided “as is “ and “ as available “ without warranty of any kind, either express or impaled or statutory , including , but not limited to the impaled warranties of merchantability ,fitness for a particular purpose , or non-infringement , just Austrans Logistics disclaims, to the fullest extent permitted under law , any warranties regarding the security , reliability, timeliness, accuracy and performance of the platforms and materials . Austrans Logistics does not warrant that any defects or errors will be corrected; or that the content is free of viruses or other harmful components.

Austrans Logistics disclaims any and all warranties to the fullest extent of the law, including any warranties for any information, goods, or services, obtained through , advertised or received through any links provided by or through the platforms some countries or other jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of implied warranties , so the above exclusions may not apply to you. You may also have other rights that vary from country to country and jurisdiction to jurisdiction


1.Subject to the terms and conditions in this contract, Austrans Logistics shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Customer or any other person, howsoever caused or arising, whether:

  • (a) an approved or unapproved act or considered or uncontemplated act under this agreement;
  • (b) caused by the carelessness and additionally rashness and additionally willful unfortunate behavior of the Organization's workers, specialists, representatives, subcontractors or something else;
  • (c) resulting from or inferable from, any citation, articulation, portrayal or data, oral or composed, made or given for the benefit of Austrans Logistics or its workers, specialists, representatives or subcontractors with regards to the arrangement of, risk for, sum, scale or rate of traditions obligation, extract obligation or other impost or assessment material to any merchandise subject of any Administration.

2.No presentation of significant worth or obligation will be made which may expand the risk of Austrans Logistics past that expressed thus. The goods will be sent/managed at the Client's hazard unless express composed guidelines despite what might be expected are given by the Client, acknowledged in composing by Austrans Logistics and additional charge paid if required.

3.In all situations where obligation has not been, or cannot be, excluded by this agreement because of mandatory applicable statute, convention or law, the liability of Austrans Logistics is limited to the lesser of AUD $100.00 or the value of the Goods the subject of the agreement at the time the Goods were received by Austrans Logistics.

4.In all situations where obligation can't be constrained as previously mentioned or by this understanding due to break of any condition or guarantee in this or under other obligatorily pertinent law or something else, the risk of Austrans Logistics is restricted to both of the accompanying as dictated by Austrans Logistics at its total caution:

  • (a) giving supply of the services once more; or
  • (b) payment of the cost of having the Services supplied again/em>

5.Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Austrans Logistics might in no conditions be at risk for misfortune or harm emerging from any services in regard of the Products while not in its ownership or immediate, roundabout or weighty misfortune or harm emerging from the services performed in regard of the goods including loss of market, loss of benefit or loss of agreements how so ever caused. The rights, invulnerabilities, safeguards and points of confinement accommodated in these conditions might apply in any activity against Austrans Logistics for misfortune or harm whether the activity be found in contract, tort or generally despite any rupture of any condition in this by Austrans Logistics.

6.Further without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Austrans Logistics shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Customer or any other person as a result of a failure or inability of Austrans Logistics or Subcontractor to collect or receive C.O.D. payments from any consignees or their agents whether caused by the negligence of Austrans Logistics’ servants, agents, employees, Subcontractors or otherwise.

7.It is thusly concurred between the Client and Austrans Logistics that the Client's entitlement to remuneration for any claim for misfortune or harm might be kept up given the accompanying is entirely clung to:

  • (a) Any claim for harm to Products must be held up in keeping in touch with Austrans Logistics inside 7 days of conveyance of the goods or the date Administrations are or ought to have been finished, whichever date happens first
  • (b) Any claim for misfortune/non-conveyance of goods must be informed in keeping in touch with Austrans Logistics inside 60 days from the date the Products ought to have been conveyed or the Administrations ought to have been finished, whichever date happens first
  • (c) Any privilege to any lawful cure against Austrans Logistics might be doused unless lawful procedures are acquired against Austrans Logistics the territory of Victoria and not generally inside 6 months from the date of this agreement or the date the services were finished or Products conveyed, or the date the services ought to have been finished or the goods ought to have been conveyed, whichever date happens first.
    • (a) The Client might be in charge of the cost of, and masterminding, the stacking and emptying of the Goods on and from the pertinent transportation vehicle.
    • (b) if there is a postponement in the stacking or emptying of the Products by reason other than the default of Austrans Logistics, the Client should be subject for Austrans Logistics’ costs caused by reason of the deferral, including demurrage costs as informed by Austrans Logistics orally or in composing every once in a while, or accessible upon ask.
    • (c) The Client should give sufficient and reasonable offices and gear for stacking and emptying the Products from the significant transportation vehicle. The Client likewise warrants that the Products will be appropriate for carriage in such vehicle.
    • (d) The Client has the privilege to examine the transportation vehicle before the stacking of the Goods. Truant any examination or objection, the transportation vehicle will be regarded to be in satisfactory and reasonable condition for the carriage of the Goods. From there on, the Client should have no rights against Austrans Logistics concerning the state of the vehicle and Austrans Logistics will have no obligation in regard of any misfortune or harm caused by the deficient or unsound state of the vehicle.


The Goods may whenever be warehoused or generally held at wherever or whenever be expelled from wherever at which they might be warehoused or generally held to whatever other place to be warehoused or generally held at the sole attentiveness of Austrans Logistics. For each situation, regardless of whether warehousing is accidental or the essential Administration given by Austrans Logistics, it will be given at the Client's hazard and cost as an essential charge(s) or a charge(s) coincidental to or regarding the carriage of the goods or any services hereunder.>

Customer’s Indemnity

(a) The Client should reimburse Austrans Logistics in regard of any case, misfortune, harm, installment, fine, cost, obligation, charge, impost, cost or other expense at all or howsoever caused or brought about, regardless of whether emerging straightforwardly or by implication from any services orchestrated or performed by Austrans Logistics as well as in regard of any such harm, cost or risk acquired because of any break of the terms, conditions or guarantees in this agreement by the Client AND incorporates the cost of recouping same from you by method for recuperation specialists or legal counselors.

(b) Without restricting the all-inclusive statement of the previous, the Client should stay dependable to the Organization for all charges (C.O.D. or, on the other hand generally) paid by the Organization to any of its specialists, Subcontractors or whatever other gathering or expert.

(c) The Client might reimburse Austrans Logistics in regard of any misfortune or harm emerging from any intrinsic deformity, quality or bad habit of the Products.


The Client should look for its own particular protection cover. No protection will be orchestrated by Austrans Logistics for the client's sake aside from on express directions in composing by the Client and just if Austrans Logistics is authorized to do as such in accordance with appropriate Australian controls. Any such protection so masterminded will be liable to the standard exemptions and states of approaches of the insurance agency or guarantors going for broke. Austrans Logistics should not be under any commitment to impact isolate protection on every relegation except may announce it on any broad approach. Should such safety net providers’ debate risk for any reason, the Client as the safeguarded might have no response against Austrans Logistics at all and any plan of action by the Client might be against the backup plan.


Quotations for the Services are made on a prompt acknowledgment premise and are liable to withdrawal or correction without see at Austrans Logistics’ caution.

Routes and Procedures

In the event that Austrans Logistics is instructed by the Client and consents to utilize a specific strategy or kind of services, Austrans Logistics might give due thought to the technique or sort assigned yet should consistently have the privilege to pick or shift such technique or kind of Austrans Logistics or course and method embraced in regard of the services performed. The Client thus approves Austrans Logistics to substitute exchange transporters or Specialist co-ops without notice to the Client.

Payment of Expenses / Duties & Release of Information

The Client approves Austrans Logistics in affecting the services, yet with no commitment with respect to Austrans Logistics, to:

(a) Pay any obligations, charges, imposts, expenses, expenses or charges in regard of the Products and additionally services

(b) discharge or permit investigation of the goods or any data as well as records of the Client, the Products, the services or relating thereto as required by specialists,

What’s more, the Client might reimbursement Austrans Logistics in regard of any dispensing, cost, cost, misfortune, fine or harm acquired by Austrans Logistics in doing as such and discharges Austrans Logistics from any risk in association therewith.

Responsibility for Fees / Charges

(a) The Client should pay Austrans Logistics for all fees rendered and any charges it acquires for any reason in regard of Austrans Logistics performed. This incorporates the payment of expenses/charges which Austrans Logistics is exhorted or concurs will be paid by an outsider which at that point neglects to so pay. Such expenses/charges should be regarded completely earned when the goods are stacked and dispatched from the Client's premises, generally conveyed by the Client to Austrans Logistics or Subcontractor or on receipt of Austrans Logistics’ receipt whichever happens first and might be instantly payable and non-refundable.

(b) The Client concurs that it might not concede or withhold payment or deduct any sum from the record of Austrans Logistics by reason of any claim it affirms against Austrans Logistics.

(c) The Client consented to the accompanying coincidental extra expenses being charged as per the pertinent installment strategy (by means of either Visa, PayPal or credit account) from the time the occasion which offers ascend to the expenses alluded beneath happens:

  • • Redelivery Energizes of to $30 in addition to $0.40 per kg, or cubic kg (in light of 250 kg=m3) whichever is more noteworthy will apply where an endeavor to convey bombs because of the collector being inaccessible to sign for the item(s) if required
  • • Vain Accumulation charges of $30.00 per pick will apply for purposeless gathering endeavors where cargo inaccessible, unpackaged or unlabeled.
  • Mistaken Thing Presentation charges will apply if the bearer pronounces the thing specifics to be more prominent than expressed in the booking. These charges will be founded on the adjusted subtle elements being utilized as a part of another quote computation and the adjust ascertained.
  • • An extra charge to Austrans Logistics in regard of any deferrals in overabundance of 10 minutes for dispatches and 30 minutes for taxi trucks in stacking or emptying happening other than from default of the Organization or Subcontractor.
  • • Late payment fee: If your Credit Record has an unpaid receipt for over 30 days from the date of receipt, a late installment expense of $5.00 will be connected for every week that the receipt stays unpaid.

(d) Arrangement of Credit by Austrans Logistics to the Client might be suspended by Austrans Logistics at its own circumspection if expenses and charges invoiced are past due or something else. The Clients might pay Austrans Logistics enthusiasm as sold harms at the Westpac Exchanging Bank overdraft rate in addition to 5% on late expenses or charges invoiced

Lien – Security Agreement – Personal Properties Security Act

Austrans Logistics should have a specific and general lien on the goods of the Client and any records relating thereto for all wholes payable by the Client to the Organization. The Client concurs that these terms and conditions constitute a security assertion with the end goal of the Individual Properties Security Act (2009) ("PPSA") and make a security enthusiasm for all goods and reports relating thereto of the Client to the degree that Austrans Logistics and Client concur by method for this understanding the Organization has the privilege to:

(a) Activity a general lien over all Products and reports of the Client in regard of any cash owed by the Client to the Organization and

(b) offer the goods or a bit thereof and guide the returns of offer to installment to Austrans Logistics of cash owed by the Client to Austrans Logistics and dispatch any adjust remaining (if such exists) to the Client;

Given that Austrans Logistics will inform the Client and all other significant people of its expectation to offer the goods as per the necessities of compulsorily material enactment. On the off chance that no such enactment applies, Austrans Logistics will practice its entitlement to offer the products or a bit thereof following a time of 7 days from the date which Austrans Logistics tells the Client that it is practicing its privileges of offer.

Registration – Personal Properties Security Act

(a) The Client consents to:

  • • Sign any documents or provide further documents or information required by Austrans Logistics to register a financing statement or financing change statement in respect of a security interest with the Personal Property Securities Register, register any other documents required by the PPSA or correct any such document(s).
  • • indemnify Austrans Logistics for all expenses incurred in attending to the steps outlined in (i) Above and releasing any interests from the Register.
  • • Not register a financing change statement in respect of a security interest without prior written consent by Austrans Logistics.
  • • (iv) not register, nor permit to be registered, a financing statement or a financing change statement in relation to the Goods in favor of a third party without the prior written consent of Austrans Logistics

(b) Austrans Logistics and Client concur that areas 96, 117 and 125 of the PPSA don't matter to the security assertion made by these terms and conditions.

(c) The Client therefore defers its rights to get notification or articulations under areas 95, 118, 121(4),123, 130, 132(3)(d), 132(4), 135 and 157 of the PPSA.

(d) The Client postpones its rights as a grantor or potentially an indebted person under areas 142 and 143 of the PPSA.

(e) The Client consents to confirm unequivocally any moves made by Austrans Logistics as per enlistment related prerequisites under the PPSA and as alluded in condition above.

Valuables , Dangerous Goods , Perishable Goods


  • • Aside from as concurred in composing, Austrans Logistics won't acknowledge Resources, Hazardous products, Perishable merchandise, domesticated animals or plants for services orchestrated or performed by Austrans Logistics. Should the Client in any case convey any such merchandise to the Organization or make Austrans Logistics handle or manage any such products generally than as concurred in composing, the Client (not the company) might be obligated for any misfortune, harm or cost thereto or resulting subsequently whether immediate, roundabout or considerable and howsoever caused and the Client should repay Austrans Logistics from and against all punishments, charges, obligations, claims, requests, harms, expenses and costs emerging in association therewith.
  • • Any such merchandise might be demolished in the sole and total tact of Austrans Logistics or whatever other individual in whose care they might be at the significant time. If the merchandise is wrecked or generally managed as aforementioned, Austrans Logistics should bear no risk and the Client might reimburse Austrans Logistics from and against all expenses and costs with deference thereto.

(b) The Client embraces that any of the products alluded to in (an) above (counting their covering, bundling, compartments and other carriage gadgets) should be unmistakably checked having respect to their temperament. The Client additionally attempts that the Products are pressed in a way satisfactory to withstand the common dangers of any services having respect to their inclination and in consistence with all laws and directions which might be appropriate as for any services. The Client might repay Austrans Logistics against all cases, misfortunes, harms or costs emerging in outcome of any rupture of this arrangement.

(c) The Client's consistence with (b) above not the slightest bit decreases or restricts those rights stood to the Organization under (a) of this statement.


(a) Austrans Logistics is approved to convey the Products to the recipient or its specialist at the deliver selected to Austrans Logistics by either the Client, the dispatcher, the proctor or their operators and it is explicitly concurred that the Transporter should be considered to have conveyed the Merchandise as per this agreement in the event that it gets a receipt, marked conveyance docket for the Products or mark on its transfer note from any individual at that address.

(b) If the selected place of conveyance might be unattended or if conveyance can't generally be affected, Austrans Logistics in its sole prudence may at its choice either store the Products at the assigned place or store the Merchandise at the hazard and cost of the Client, both of which will be regarded to be conveyance of the Products under this Agreement.

(c) Dates determined for consummation of carriage or whatever other services are appraises just and Austrans Logistics should not be at risk for inability to finish carriage or some other services on such date or dates.

Sale and Disposal of Goods

Austrans Logistics and its Subcontractors might be entitled at the cost and cost of the Client, subject to any consistence with any relevant law, to offer or discard:

(a) Goods which in the feeling of Austrans Logistics or Subcontractor can't be conveyed by reason of the Products being deficiently or mistakenly tended to or by reason of the Products not being gathered or acknowledged by the Representative or for whatever other reason, and

(b) any Perishable goods which in the sentiment of Austrans Logistics or the Subcontractor give off an impression of being decaying, if the Client neglects to satisfactorily train the Organization with deference thereto or neglects to pay any expenses and costs important to actualize the Client's guidelines.

Regulation Compliance

The Client might practice all sensible care and agree to every single material law, Government controls/headings and industry measures including those identifying with the pressing, carriage, stockpiling, traditions leeway, conveyance, review or different services in regard of the Products, and should give such data and records as might be important to exercise such care and conform to such laws, directions and models. Austrans Logistics might not be obligated to the Client or whatever other gathering for misfortune or cost because of the Client's inability to follow this arrangement and the Client will reimburse Austrans Logistics for any cost, harm or risk acquired by the company in so going along.

Law and jurisdiction

Any debate emerging under this Agreement might be administered by the laws of Victoria and should be resolved only by the courts of Victoria or by the court of the company's decision


By marking the letter of direction or generally tolerating these conditions, the Client concurs that it didn't depend on any portrayal, guarantee, guarantee or state of Austrans Logistics or its Subcontractor not explicitly made (in composing) some portion of this agreement.

Severance & Waiver

It is thus concurred that if any arrangement or part of any arrangement of this agreement is unenforceable, such unenforceability might not influence whatever other piece of such arrangement or some other arrangement concerning this. Further, should Austrans Logistics choose not to practice any of its rights under this agreement, under some other contract/agreement or under law, such decision might not constitute a waiver of any rights identifying with some other or consequent break by the Client.

Customer’s own form

The utilization of the Client's own particular shape is no criticism to these states of agreement.

Trade practices

(a) Any help from risk contained in this assertion is to be perused subject to any confinement on contracting out of obligation given in any enactment official on the Kaboom Enterprises Pty. Ltd. so the arrangements for alleviation contained in this understanding are constrained or rendered inadequate just to the degree required to offer impact to that enactment yet are generally completely powerful and every one of the arrangements about are severable and compelling autonomously of any arrangements which are invalid and void or incapable by reason of any enactment.

(b) Unless composed notice despite what might be expected is given by the Client to the Austrans Logistics at or before going into this understanding, the Client explicitly warrants and speaks to that all or any services to be provided by Austrans Logistics and procured by the Client as per this assertion are so provided and gained for the reasons for a business, exchange, calling or occupation continued or occupied with by the Client.

(c) If the carriage of goods includes an extreme goal or stop in a nation other than the nation of takeoff, the Warsaw Tradition (1929), the Warsaw Tradition as Altered at the Hague (1955) and Warsaw supplementary conventions, for example, the "Guadalajara Tradition", Convention of Montreal No. 4 or the Montreal Tradition might be relevant and may oversee and much of as far as possible the risk of the Bearer in regard of misfortune, harm or postponement to load, unless a higher esteem is pronounced ahead of time by the Client and a supplementary charge paid if required.

Reasonable care / force majeure

Where Austrans Logistics can't do any commitment under the agreement or any misfortune or harm is caused to the goods or generally because of any condition, matter or thing past its sensible control ("drive majeure") or its activity of sensible care, Austrans Logistics should be pardoned and discharged from such commitments or risk to the degree of such counteractive action, limitation or impedance so caused.