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How to get cheap international shipping?

When it comes to international shipping, there are several options to choose from, but which one is the cheapest?

There are many options that will end up being much more expensive than you think, such as:



This option is fast, but can be very expensive. If you go directly to an air freight company, you may have to clear customs yourself or hire a customs broker, which will add significantly to your costs and stress. You should also consider how you're going to get your items to and from the airport, if your company doesn't offer that service.



This means that your belongings are loaded into a large container that is then placed on the cargo ships. Although cheaper than air freight, ocean freight and container transport can be costly. You still need to make sure your items go through customs and possibly hire a customs broker to help you, especially in destinations with complicated customs processes. The biggest problem with ocean freight and container shipping is that items can take a long time to reach their destination. You also need to organize your transportation to and from the ports. Depending on where you live, your belongings may have to make another significant overland journey to get from the port to your front door.



You can choose to have your items shipped with a courier company such as DHL, UPS, Parcelforce or FedEx. However, if you go directly to these companies, you may pay more, you may not have the specialized 24-hour support that Austrans Logistics offers, and perhaps most importantly, your shipments will generally be handled as commodities rather than personal belongings. ie longer transit time and additional costs.



Austrans Logistics

This is where Austrans  Logistics  comes in. Austrans  Logistics is a freight delivery company that offers cheap international shipping worldwide and ships suitcases, boxes, bags and sports equipment such as bicycles, skis and golf clubs. Moreover, Austrans Logistics  ships door to door, so you don't have to worry about getting your items to and from sea or airports.

Austrans  Logistics works with courier partners to negotiate the best and cheapest price for you, and even offers a price guarantee, so we're sure our door-to-door baggage service won't be too expensive.

We also take care of customs, guide you through the customs process and provide you with all the customs documentation you need. Our customer service providers are available 7 days a week to assist you when you need it, by phone, online chat or email.

Sending internationally with Austrans Logistics has many advantages, whether you are moving abroad, attending university or traveling abroad.

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