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Cheap courier delivery service Melbourne

If you are looking for competitive, low cost and reliable couriers and arranging the delivery of an item that weighs more than 30kg, you will probably realize that the most affordable option is a cheap courier delivery service.

Competition in courier market has been increased due to the expansion of man and van freelance business with the advent of internet. Thus, causing the market prices to be far more economical and reasonable for this kind of delivery service.

Until recent years the logistics industry was dominated by a handful of large scale delivery companies. Since the beginning of this decade, the share of courier service industry has been increasingly taken over by self employed drivers who deliver goods from one destination to another. These independent delivery men have initiated a growth which is currently known as the discount courier market.


What is a discount courier?

Discount couriers or cheap courier is a term used for the independent, self-employed delivery drivers who usually operate from home with a single vehicle. Today in Australia, there are virtually thousands of cheap couriers that are self employed. They are motivated in part due to the low entry cost and increasing need of courier services as a result of internet marketing and trading. This undoubtedly involves the delivery of goods.

Websites like eBay have particularly played a huge part in the growth of market because a generation of independent traders has been created by them both on the private as well as commercial level. Furthermore, both the traders and the consumers require cheap and quick delivery services to order their goods. Therefore, the traders are more concerned about the cheap courier delivery services to handle their deliveries for the cost conscious customers.


What to expect from cheap couriers?

Although low quality is often associated with the terms like low cost, cheap or affordable but this is not necessarily the case when it comes to cheap courier delivery services. Technology is the main reason behind the decrease in the costs of such services during recent years. Moreover, price comparison websites have been developed which have revolutionized the market. These sites have made the wide variety of jobs accessible to the independent delivery firms which were not easily accessible in the past.

This in turn has enabled them to decrease the prices and reduce the cost of each service by allowing them to secure multiple posts along a specific route. Whereas, previously they could usually offer just one service per route. 

It is a simple case of scale efficiency where the couriers are able to provide affordable and cheap services by operating with enhanced capacity without additional increase in cost. With couriers, you do not have to worry about the quality of service with the decrease in price.


Finding cheap courier providers

The easiest way to find cheap courier delivery services in Melbourne is to use comparison sites. Austrans Logistics provides cheap and quick courier delivery services to its customers.

The way we work is incredibly straightforward. Get the freight quote by just entering the details of an item that you need to ship. The details include dimensions of your package, weight, and collection and delivery address of the consignment. You will instantly get a quick response about the cheapest rates available. In addition, you can track the status of your parcel on site with the help of a tracker.

So instead of wasting hours looking for a right delivery service, simply ask for a freight quote and get the best offer for the your delivery needs.


Benefits of using a courier service

Now that you have gained an insight about cheap couriers, what to expect from them and where to find them; let us have a look at the benefits of using a courier service instead of a postal service.  

You might have probably thought about the advantages of sending an important package through a courier instead of mail. The right choice of providers depends on the specific circumstances when deciding between different delivery service providers. Though the price of a courier is slightly higher than a mail service, it usually provides more customized service.


The biggest reason why courier is a preferred method of delivery is the speed. Postal services are usually very straightforward and they take couple of days to reach their destination domestically and more than that internationally depending on the destination. However, there are times when urgent delivery is required. In mail delivery service, a large volume of mails and packages causes delays in delivery from time to time. Therefore, courier service is always a better option if you want your package delivered within a specific timeframe.


Level of convenience is high in courier services for both the sender and receiver. Cheap courier delivery services in Melbourne pick up your package from the door and deliver to the recipient; saving you the trouble of having to go and pick up or drop the package yourself.

Global Presence

There are cheap delivery services in Melbourne that have international networks implying that door-to-door delivery service is available from your home to a foreign address. Sending the parcels abroad via these courier services is much simpler and provides you an additional advantage of tracking the status of your parcel as well.

Ongoing arrangements

Commercial level businesses can save a lot by the packages offered for the delivery of goods in bulk. This option is very cost effective and implies that the benefits of courier delivery are availed at the minimum cost. Moreover, courier services can deliver variety of items.

These are not the only benefits of using a courier service. There are several other benefits of a high end courier service as well; only the major ones are highlighted in this article. It is just a matter of finding the right courier services according to your requirements. So if you are looking for cheap courier services in Melbourne, then you are definitely on the right place.




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