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Finding the Best Shipping Companies

When you are searching for the best shipping company in Australia, there are several things to find out and certain things to avoid. Research is critical before you hand over the responsibility of handling your goods to a shipping company. There are some features you can look for before selecting a reliable shipping company.

Customer reviews

Reviews are an important part of the reputation for the company. Simply search for the name of the company on google and search for the reviews. You can check different review sites like yelp, yellow pages, product review and other review websites with good reputation to see what their customers are saying about their services. If there are less or no reviews, then there is a possibility that either the company is new or not really well established. On the other hand if the reviews are bad or the rating is less than 80%, then that should be an instant red flag. The best shipping companies understand that customer focused approach is important. Therefore, they are more likely to have satisfied customers who are willing to leave positive feedback.


How long have they been in business?

Usually the business that has just been established is deemed to have less experience but this is not the case every time. A newly established business may have better reputation than a business that has been there for a long time. However, the companies who have been in shipping business for a long time may also know the shipping business very well. They are well aware of all the rules and regulations of the shipping industry. As a customer, make sure that their team is fully equipped to deal with all the circumstances that can be a hurdle for timely and damage free delivery of goods.


Reputation of carriers they work with

The top shipping companies reckon carriers as an extension of their company. Hence, the best freight companies prefer to work with the most reputable carrier companies. They ensure that the customer’s goods are delivered on time without a single scratch. It is always better to make sure that they have a link with department of transportation as well as being a licensed member.



As mentioned earlier, the top priority of the best shipping companies is customer satisfaction. Choose a company that is clearly available during specified business hours. You do not have to deal with phone tags or voice mails. The job of freight companies is to make your life easier. Hence, reputable firms do not compromise on quality. 

Finding the right courier services

As there are some aspects for finding the best shipping company in Australia. Similarly, there are some points to consider when looking out for reliable courier services. Austrans logistics can offer cheap courier delivery services in Melbourne, Australia. When choosing a best courier service, keep following points in mind:


Amount of training required

You have to make sure that the drivers take part in different forms of training in delivery and ensure that the packages are handled carefully specially the important or urgent packages.

 Kind of delivery services you can offer

Medical, non-medical, urgent delivery and availability are the focal points for various kinds of courier businesses across Melbourne and rest of the Australia. This can be of special significance during the winter months. The business needs of the customer have to be met irrespective of the weather.

Use of technology

Most of the shipping companies with good reputation have a system for placing orders online or for getting a freight quote. Find out whether they provide live map tracking, signature verification, email receipts or other facilities. One of the best bits about using a local courier service in Australia is that you get customized services with tailor-made solutions to your problems. You can ask them for the specific information and get to know about the process.


Usually the businesses turn to national courier services because of reasonable prices but many local courier services also offer competitive pricing. You just have to ask for the prices for various services and weigh the possibilities accordingly.


Availing the local courier services implies that you are more likely to get quick response. So, don’t be afraid of asking. Ask them about the average response rate, urgent deliveries, same day deliveries and other services. If they are vigilant about customer satisfaction, they will probably be able to accommodate your needs.

Luckily, companies that can fulfill your demands exist and Austrans Logisitcs is one of them. We will be happy to answer all your queries regarding the services and package deliveries as we strive to meet the expectations of our customers.

Finding the best air freight companies

Up until now you have come across various ways of finding reliable shipping companies and courier services. Air freight is another aspect of logistics industry that is highly demanded these days. It is required to boost international music tours, sports tours, brand events and so much more. If you are looking out or the best air freight services then you have to consider these issues.

Air freight forwarding and customs clearance

Custom clearance services are offered voluntarily by the best freight forwarding companies. The freight company should be able to anticipate and prevent all the issues that come along with freight forwarding.

Adaptive packing and crating

Make sure that custom solutions for packing and crating are available for freight forwarding. If the company is able to provide tailor-made solutions for your packaging needs, then the integrity of your cargo is guaranteed.

Warehousing solutions for global events

If the freight company is able to provide the warehousing options globally, then it is a complete package. It will not only save your time and money but will also mitigate any likelihood of miscommunication.

Air freight insurance

Search for the freight company that not only put forward the international freight forwarding service but also the expert agents that can analyze and craft accurate insurance policies. This will alleviate any potential vulnerability from freight forwarding process.


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