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What Services Does Austrans Logistics Offer?

Austrans Logistics offers an extensive array of transport services with Tier 1 Transport Companies to clients across the world. Kindly, check out our services page to get more information.

What type of courier services do you provide?

At Austrans Logistics we provide all types of courier services from light to heavy shipments, Road Express deliveries to Overnight and even Same Day Australia Wide. To give you an idea we have some very good satchel and airbag prices for your 500 gram shipments, 1 kilogram shipments, 3 kilogram and 5 kilogram shipments. To access our discounted satchel rates please ensure you select satchel in your packaging type.

Can you move heavy parcels and pallets?

Yes, we can. Our system is designed to help customers move large heavy and bulky items to any location in Australia. We can even cater for items that need a special tail gate lifter to be organised simply select heavy lift help on our calculator for an instant shipping price for your long, heavy or palletised items.

How much does it cost to send a package?

The price varies dependant on origin, destination, weight, volume of shipment and the Product / Service chosen. Quotes are visible upon booking a shipment on the Austrans Logistics website. Shipment charges are calculated according to the higher of actual or volumetric weight and any Shipment may be re-weighed and re-measured by Austrans Logistics to confirm this calculation

How can I book a collection? Am I required to register first?

For any individual collections, one can book online without having to register. For more regular shipping, more shipping tools – like registering with Austrans Logistics – might be more appropriate. You can contact us if necessary.

Where can one find prices for your services?

You can obtain quotes through our online booking tool or, better still, you can contact us and we will be glad to assist.

Do you deliver to P.O. Boxes?

Yes, we do deliver to P.O Boxes. Choose either the Startrack or Australia Post Options on the quote page

Can I view transit times and rates before I ship?

Yes! Austrans Logistics makes the shipping process simple by providing you with a wide choice of available services and Carriers for your destination, including transit and rate quotes for each. All you have to do is select the option that best fits your needs.

How do I make arrangements for a pick-up?

For one off bookings, you can easily send or receive parcels online at ‘Get a quote’ For frequent bookings, you can make arrangements for an account at Austrans Logistics and make your bookings through our online booking platform.

What is the procedure for making a booking?

- Step #1: Fill out each of the fields on the Order Entry in order to get an instant quote.

- Step #2: Choose your desired service and include insurance if need be.

- Step #3: Complete the necessary fields for all the booking information.

- Step #4: Carefully read the terms and conditions of carriage and insurance if necessary.

- Step #5: Pay for your booking through either Account or with a Credit Card via PayPal.

- Step #6: You will receive an email with a consignment note in your email inbox. If you book as the ‘receiver’, the con note will be emailed to the sender’s email inbox.

- Step #7: Print off the Consignment note.

- Step #8: Firmly fasten the consignment note to your properly packaged item.

Am I allowed to book as the receiver?

Yes, you are allowed. Since you are the person who has done the booking process, it is imperative that you make sure the ‘sender’ receives the consignment note email, and they are fully briefed on what is needed to complete a pickup.

If I am a regular sender, can I have an account with you?

Sure, you can. We offer a range of Discount Membership and Credit options that are available. You can get more information from our sales team via the Account Query page

Do you have any monthly fees?

Can I just ship one item? We have many ad hock shippers who utilise Austrans Logistics to process courier bookings. We have no monthly fees and customers can ship as little as one order. Regular shipper can obtain further discounts by advising volume and spend.

What if I don’t have an account with you?

You don’t need an account with Austrans Logistics. Anyone can make use of our services so long as they have a valid Credit Card or PayPal account.

Can I just ship one item?

We have many ad hock shippers who utilise Austrans Logistics to process courier bookings. We have no monthly fees and customers can ship as little as one order. Regular shippers can obtain further discounts by advising volume and spend.

What is a consignment Note?

The consignment note, also popularly referred to as con note is the label which should be attached to your item or items before pickup. The con note has all the necessary details as well as a barcode which is used for tracking purposes. Once you have made a booking with us, you will get an email containing a PDF file, with all the relevant information in it. Kindly go through the pages meticulously since the information is very essential. You will have to stick the con note on your item or items as directed. Failure to apply the con note, as needed, will lead to a futile pick-up charge.

Am I allowed to book with an operator?

Yes, you can book with an operator. They will, however, have to ask you whether you accept the terms and conditions and this will be recorded.

Do your courier services pick up from Residential Addresses?

Yes, we can pick up and deliver to residential and home locations, in fact we have a special button on the calculator that filters the business and residential fields helping you get the best deal for deliveries within Australia.

Is this courier service door to door?

The services that Austrans Logistics provide are numerous to say the least. We have door to door, door to depot and depot to door. Whatever are your Transport Requirements we can help.

What are the Implications of canceling or changing my booking?

As much as you can cancel or change a booking with Austrans Logistics, the cancelation or change of details may attract a fee of $20 (plus GST)

What time will my parcel be picked up?

We can’t make a specific time as the drivers are picking up different packages every day, but morning pickups will be between 8am and 12 noon and afternoon pickups will be between 1pm and 5pm.

What is the latest collection time for my area?

Most parcels booked in the morning will be collected the same day. In some remote areas parcel bookings are required the day before to ensure collection the following day.

Is my booking subject to cut-off time?

In metro areas, the cut-off time is normally 2.30 pm for any same day pickups. On the other hand, the cut-off for next day pickups in regional areas is 12 midday

I live outside of a capital city, is there any possibility of my parcel being picked tomorrow?

If your booking is before 12 midday, you can choose a next day pickup. Due to the unique nature of given regional areas, there might be some delays in the process of pickup.

What is the maximum length of my parcel?

The maximum length of package allowed by Austrans Logistics is 4m or 400cm.

What happens when the item is over 25kgs?

When your item is over 25kg, Autrans Logistics will still accept to carry it, but the item will have to be packaged in a crate or pallet/skid, and you might be needed to offer lifting assistance at the location of sending and that of receiving. If there is no lifting assistance availed, you will have to select the hydraulic tailgate option for the relevant location. Remember that, additional charges will apply.

What if my item weight or dimensions are not correct?

When you have no idea what the correct weight or dimensions of your item are, it would be safer to overestimate the measurements. You might be liable to $2 per kg/ cubic kg on top of $10 to make up for any underestimated measurements.

Which are the regional areas that you don’t service door-to-door?

As much as we try hard to offer a door to door service throughout the entire Australia, in cases where your location is extremely remote, we might possibly not be in a position to service the location on a door to door basis. Kindly contact our customer service for more information.

Am I allowed to pick up or drop off my item at the nearest depot?

In some instances, you might be allowed. However, you will have to contact our customer care first to make detailed arrangements.


Are my items covered by a Transit Warranty or Insurance?

Austrans Logistics does offer insurance option for all services. You are allowed to nominate declared values during the process of quoting. Kindly, read carefully and follow the provided Terms and Conditions in order to make sure that the warranty is applicable for your consignment. You can always access all the information you need to know about insurance on the insurance section.

What if I require higher coverage?

The Customer can request Austrans Logistics to arrange for additional insurance coverage (enhanced liability) at an extra fee while booking their shipment. The details of the Insurance Coverage options and corresponding charges are in the Insurance section.

What if my parcel is damaged?

Both Couriers Please and Fastway offer $1000.00 of Insurance Cover for all consignments. If you have purchased Insurance through our Insurance Partner then you can make a claim. Should you wish to make a claim, please download and submit a claim form within 48 hours, which can be found on our website. If you have chosen a Service other than with Couriers Please or Fastway and have not taken out Insurance with our Insurance Partner then you cannot make a claim.

What is your claim policy?

Claims for lost or damaged item will be honored on the condition that Austrans Logistics and our Insurance Partner are satisfied that the claim is justified. For detailed information, please refer to Terms and Conditions for your relevant service type.

Receiving Parcels

How do I know the location of my parcel while on transit?

Your parcel will be scanned at every stage of its transit to its intended destination. You can track your consignment on our website through your special label number/tracking number.

We have a number of easy alternatives to ensure that your parcels get to you:

  • Re-delivering to the original address. We will gladly re-deliver your package to the original address in most cases for free. You just need to email us at Online Request or directly contact the carrier who is delivering your package.
  • Re-direction to a new address. For your package to be re-directed to a new address, it will cost you $15.70, and this can be done on the Online Request platform.
  • Depot pickup. You can directly pick up your parcel from the depot. All you need to do is to contact the carrier in advance to ascertain that your parcel is there.

What am I supposed to do in case my parcel hasn’t arrived?

In case your parcel has not arrived, you can easily track it on our website using your tracking number or label number. This can accurately show you where your package is within our network. For more information, you can kindly complete an Online Enquiry on our websites.

What happens in a case where I might be unable to sign for the delivery?

If you are not able to sign for your delivery, we can be able to leave your parcel in a safe place at your address without a signature. However, before we go ahead to do this, you must provide an alternative authority where we can leave the parcel.

Am I able to arrange for a delivery for a specific time?

Unfortunately, we are not able to make deliveries at specific times. However, with some of our Transport Partners you can request a delivery time before 9.00 am, before 10.00 am and before 12 am. (additional charges will apply for these services and are displayed at the time of booking). Alternatively, you can allow your deliveries to be made without a signature by completing the Online Enquiry Form or make a collection from your local depot.

What are the items that you don’t carry?

We don’t accept any dangerous goods for the domestic shipments while we don’t carry prohibited goods for international shipments

How long will it take to deliver my shipment to another country once it has been collected?

This depends on the service requested and the pick-up and delivery locations. Please check our transit times for further details.

Why does my item take longer than what is quoted/stated to arrive?

The delivery times quoted are estimates only and based on the date of despatch from origin. These are applicable to major cities only. All items may also be subjected to customs inspection which may require additional days

Is there a possibility of you quickly rushing back and picking up my parcel?

Regrettably, this is not possible since the couriers operate on the basis of a timetable (just like a bus or train). If we were to go back, we would obviously be late for the next client’s pick up. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, but this is how we reduce our costs to maintain our great low-cost service to our clients.

Is it possible for me to track my multiple parcels simultaneously?

If you are an account holder with Austrans Logistics, then it is possible for all your bookings to be tracked through your Booking Overview link.

Why am I not getting on-time updates on the shipment status in the website?

The Track and Trace website is updated daily at different time intervals. If the item you are checking does not have any update, you may wish to try again at a later time. If you still experience problem with tracking your item, please contact us.

Do you provide a courier packing service?

No unfortunately we do not – you will need to package your items into secure cartons or boxes. We do however supply satchels – you will need to contact the team prior to arrange your satchels to be sent to your doorstep. A nominal fee for Satchels will be charged Our satchel rates are a great way of sending items to any location in Australia.

How should I package my item?

We appreciate the importance of your parcel arriving securely and undamaged. Careful packaging of goods ensures that they are secure.

  • Go for a good quality box. A double-walled box is always a good choice, especially for delivering shipments that contain delicate items.
  • Choose the right size of boxes. When boxes are too small mean that the contents have high chances of getting lost. Too big boxes have high chances of collapsing in case another package is placed on them in the process of delivery.
  • Each item should be wrapped individually in the box. When sending many items within the same box, it makes sense to wrap each item individually. It offers better protection to the items and reduces any movement within the box.
  • You can use foam, packing peanuts, and newspapers, and bubble wrap to offer protection to your items.
  • Use clear and accurate address labels, when labeling your parcels in readiness for transit.
  • Always ensure that your parcel is sealed with packing tape. Seal any open edges of the parcel using wide parcel tape on both the bottom and top of the package just to make sure that it won’t open during the transit.

Who will be my contact at Austrans Logistics?

Your daily point of contact at Austrans Logistics will be your outstanding Customer Care Service Team. They are always glad to come to your aid by answering any queries that you may have. You can also contact us through a form that you can submit on our website or directly call us.

How do I make payment?

We accept payment through a bank deposit (In case you have an account with us), PayPal, as well as Credit & Debit cards.


Calculating the price

We ensure that our pricing structure is utterly transparent. We never have any hidden charges since all prices quoted are inclusive of Fuel Levy as well as GST. We ensure you are aware of any cost involving your consignment before a booking is placed with your selected carrier.

Why do I have extra charges on my delivery?

If you use our direct courier service and there is waiting time for the driver at either end, waiting charges are incurred. Other charges may be applied if you have not indicated during the booking process that the pick up or delivery is a Private Residence, or you have underestimated the dimensions and weight of your consignment. Also if a redelivery of your consignment needs to occur.

You can minimise these by ensuring your consignment is ready for loading and unloading at each end of the delivery process. Indicating all necessary information at time of booking and as accurately as possible measuring the dimensions of your consignment.


Will a paper copy of the airway bill be required for freight to all destinations?

Yes, a paper copy of the airway bill will need to be attached to each consignment.

Do customers need to produce an ID for International shipping?

Yes, customers are required to produce 1 of the following;

Australian Passport, Australian Photo Drivers Licence, Photo Credit Card, Government photo ID (Customs, Security), Foreign Passport (requires secondary ID, non-photo is acceptable).

The customer would need to give the courier a copy of the ID.

Can the customer ship dangerous goods internationally?

Austrans Logistics do not deliver dangerous goods, read here about dangerous goods if you are not sure about the contents of your shipment. For a list of dangerous goods, please refer to the Prohibited Goods section on the website

Are there restrictions on what products the customer can ship internationally?

Yes, there is a list of prohibited items here. Please refer to the list of Prohibited Goods on the website.

What is an overnight courier?

As the name implies this is a delivery service, sometimes referred to as next-day delivery, that takes place overnight. Parcels are collected during a business day and travel to the destination city during the night with delivery taking place the following day.

Is courier services working during lockdown?

Which companies are recruiting? Basically, all types of couriers are able to operate during the lockdown. This includes delivery drivers for things like the Post Office, online retailers, online supermarket shopping and food delivery for closed restaurants running a temporary takeaway service.

What is a courier delivery?

A courier service is a company, usually a private firm, that facilitates the shipping of parcels and important documents. ... Local shipping: Some courier services focus on providing speedy, same-day delivery for parcels and important documents within the limits of a major metropolitan city.

Do couriers pick up parcels?

A courier collection service is a method of delivery whereby a courier comes to a specified location to pick up a parcel - or multiple parcels - before taking them back to the depot to be sorted and sent to the recipient.

How do I send a package by courier?

To book your parcel courier online:

Head to our quote and book page and enter your parcel details.

Select your preferred service and pickup/drop off option.

Choose additional compensation cover if required.

Pay by credit card, debit card, or Paypal.

The parcel label will be emailed for you to print and affix to the parcel.

How do you send a parcel to someone?

How to send a parcel in five easy steps

Label your parcel. It goes without saying that your parcel should contain both the sender's and the recipient's address.

Picking a courier service. The second step is picking a courier service that meets your needs.

Inquire about special shipments.

Booking a pickup.

Track your parcel.

Is there an alternative to Australia Post?

Austrans Logistics position themselves as an affordable alternative to Australia Post. They don't actually own any vehicles or processing facilities, instead acting as broker between customers and courier firms like Fastway and CouriersPlease.

How does Austrans Logistics work?

The Online Self-Service is an automated online ordering and payment system available to customers 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for sending pre-packed parcels. Once your order is booked, your parcel will be collected by our courier during your chosen pickup window.