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Courier Services Australia: An ultimate guide

About courier services In Australia

Courier companies are known to deliver mails and packages with security, speed, tracking service and specialization.

A courier service replaced the traditional mail service with slow delivery times and other complications for the delivery of large or delicate products. Courier services became immensely popular with the advent of internet shopping. Getting multiple products delivered with the option of next day delivery is something only possible with courier services.


Different types of courier services in Australia

Customers can choose different types of courier services according to their needs and budget;

  1. Standard courier service usually takes a few days to deliver the parcel to the destination after collecting it from the sender.
  2. In overnight courier service, the parcel is guaranteed to be delivered by the next day. It costs slightly more than the standard courier service.
  3. Same-day express courier services are used for urgent deliveries and cost more than the other delivery options.
  4. International courier services deliver goods internationally. The prices depend on the size of the package, distance traveled and delivery time required.
  5. Pallet courier services offer the delivery of goods on pallets at reasonable rates. Strict delivery schedules are usually offered by these services.

The usefulness of the courier services Australia

With the courier services, the customers do not have to worry about delivery times and the safety of their package.

Save both time and money

It saves time and money by collecting the package from the door and delivering it to the exact location. The tracking number is also issued to track the status of one's shipment during delivery.

Increased reliability

Courier services are far more reliable than traditional delivery systems. The parcels are delivered from door to door without any damage or loss.

Accurate pricing

The users are charged based on the size and weight of the package to prevent them from being overcharged. So the prices are accurate and allow them to calculate the delivery charges easily for listing the items online too.

Speedy delivery

In this era, the users want the delivery to be instant. With the option of next day delivery, we can guarantee the shipment to reach the destination within a short period of time in Australia.

International delivery

Sending the parcels abroad gets easier with courier services. In addition to being reliable and cost-effective at the same time; they are well aware of the customs and procedures of shipping to each country.

How does it work

There are a few steps involved in the delivery of parcel through courier services:

Measure your parcel and enter the details into the quote form

Just enter some details like destination, size, and weight of the package and we will take care of the rest.

Choose the service that's right for you

Have a look at all the delivery options available and choose the one that best suits your needs. Whether it’s extra security, quick delivery or guaranteed signature, you can find the one that fits.

Book, pay and print your label

Once the parcel is packed and ready to be picked, simply book your delivery. Submit the quote online and you will be contacted soon.

Drop off your parcel, or wait in for collection

After you have booked your courier, you can just wait or drop it off at your nearest drop off location and it will be picked up by the courier service during business hours.

Track that parcel

Each parcel can be tracked at every stage of delivery. Just by using the reference number provided to you by Austrians Logistics, you can find out the exact status of your parcel at any time.

Job is done!

And that’s all – The parcel will be delivered safe and sound to the destination and you will be notified about the delivery as well.


How to choose courier delivery services In Australia

There are many criteria for choosing the right courier services in Australia. We will discuss the most important ones.


Courier services these days are serving multiple businesses with complex needs. Make sure that your courier service is well aware of their capacity to handle orders on a monthly basis.

Insurance and Security

In order to be protected from damage or loss of goods. It is essential that you make sure that your courier has insurance coverage and a dedicated customer base.


Courier services offer premium packages to their customers but they don’t always have to be expensive. Be well aware of the services provided and the price paid to each courier company to make a well-informed decision.

Local vs. National or Global

If the parcel needs to be delivered to the shorter distance then it's wiser to choose the local courier services. Local courier services are more flexible and efficient for shorter distances.


Make sure that the courier company is equipped with proper tools to deliver the products efficiently. For instance, if you are transporting the manufactured goods that require temperature-controlled delivery; its best to look out for the courier that specializes in refrigerated transportation.


In the field of delivery and logistics, it is imperative to team up with innovative technology. The technology used by a courier company is indicative of their quality and success rate as a company.

How the user can track the status of their courier

Tracking the status of your shipment is very easy. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the option of tracking. Enter your consignment number on the tracking page and there you go!

What are the Do's and Dont’s of sending a parcel

  • Don’t: place an order last minute
  • Do:  take into consideration any unforeseen circumstances and public holidays
  • Don’t: ignore the allowed dimensions
  • Do: your homework – identify the size and weight of your package
  • Don’t: place any prohibited items inside your parcel
  • Do: verify what you can actually ship
  • Don’t: reuse the same cardboard box multiple times
  • Do: pack your items carefully
  • Don’t: leave your items unfastened inside the box
  • Do: separate your items and cover them individually
  • Don’t: forget to mention the exact address or any relevant details when using delivery services
  • Do: double-check the details of your order
  • Don’t: expect your parcel to be delivered overnight
  • Do: check the estimated delivery time and track your package



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