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Austrans Logistics is a globally experienced Air Freight Forwarding company offering complete international freight forwarding solutions for both Importers and Exporters, as well as Domestic Air Freight Australia.

We ensure that your cargo is transported to any destination that you want it taken to across the globe. Our clients can benefit from our choice of first-rate Transport Providers with superb transport connections as well as constant tracking of cargo using the most modern online tracking systems.

Being one of the leading air freight specialists in Australia, our bespoke air freight services enable our clients to coordinate their freight with greater flexibility and efficiency. We not only offer full range logistics solutions but also streamlined visibility and tracking through our efficient information management system.

By utilising our Online Booking Platform; customers can get a quote for all of the available services for their International Consignment. The cost as well as the estimated time of arrival (EDT) will be displayed at the time of quoting. All prices quoted do not include any Taxes or Duty imposed at the time of arrival by the destination country

Austrans Logistics provides an extensive range of international air cargo solutions and unparalleled customer service. We have our global air freight crew on standby to guide you. Their professional and industry-focused approach will ensure that your air cargo is delivered in the most secure, fastest and affordable manner possible.

Austrans Logistics array of air freight services has been designed to take care of our clients' challenges in the modern ever-changing service and production environments. All our air freight shipments are well planned, regulated, and measure processes. This ensures that in our parcel delivery services Australia and any other consignments, your shipment is tracked door-to-door within our network, enabling you to have the right information that you need, any time you need it.

Our company offers different professional services. It doesn't matter whether your cargo needs fast shipping, particular temperature controls, or it needs special handling; we have you covered. The services include creative as well as industry-oriented features such as:

  • Prompt delivery of cargo
  • High commitment to quality globally acceptable standards
  • Visibility of the cargo movements
  • Instant availability of price (including door-to-door)
  • Automatically calculated total price, including security and fuel (subject to uncontrollable costs like duties and screening)
  • Precise standardized invoicing

To find out more using our parcel delivery services and courier network,call us on 1300 611 340 to speak with one of our helpful team or Get A Quote